User testing services


Building great products can't be done in the dark. Insight into what your product does well from the end-user's perspective and uncovering improvement opportunities are paramount to making informed business decisions. We’ll do the research and give you actionable results.

Surveys are a powerful tool for collecting large amounts of data in a short amount of time from customers and prospects alike. We will work with you on determining the optimal number of respondents as well as designing the survey.

Do you know what a focus group of users would say about your product? Using a methodical, unbiased procedure, we will find out for you. These are typically 1-2 hour sessions with up to five pre-screened participants.

Do you know how your product ranks against your competitors'? In a benchmark test, we will talk to end-users and find out for you. You will gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your product compared with your competition directly from your end-user's perspective.

Creating personas surfaces specific attributes of your main types of users. In this type of research, we talk to users and sum up the findings into several personas, or profiles of the users that constitute the majority of your customer base. This research typically produces around five personas, enabling you to understand who you are designing for, what's important to them, what their needs are, and what their pain points are. Personas reveal more about the social and cultural behaviors and characteristics of your users than other types of user research.

Whether you're in the concept phase or getting ready to launch, you should always be putting your product in the hands of the user to get direct feedback. One such method, usability testing, offers unique value in seeing exactly how your user interacts with your product through one-on-one interview sessions with carefully screened users to ensure they are the correct target users. The research will provide a comprehensive analysis of your product from a user-centered perspective. Is it user-friendly? How easy to use is it? Is it useful? Does it have the features the user expects it to have? Is it designed in such a way that the user can easily perform the tasks it is intended to allow them to? Is it intuitive or do they need instructions to use it? Do they need it in their day-to-day life? Are they likely to buy it? You'll get the opportunity to see first hand how the users personally rate your product in these areas.