Process consulting


When you commit to delivering a superior user experience to your customers, everyone benefits. A product designed based on user data and feedback brings you more sales, generates customer loyalty, and puts a better product in the user's hands. But once you've made that commitment, where do you start? This is where we come in.

Whether you want to build and grow a UX competency or you already have an established UX team but feel you're not getting the most of it, we can help. We will independently review and analyze your company's UX strategy, development processes, and practices and identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimizing the effectiveness of your UX capacity. We will give you actionable feedback with specifics on how to optimize your resources and if you choose, can establish a long-term relationship with your firm to ensure that the recommendations are being executed.

We also offer training for business leaders and staff that we can customize to suit your needs, regardless of your current degree of UCD integration. UX does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be in the DNA of any company that builds products and interfaces of any form, hardware or software. It’s never too late to establish UX as a tenet of your development process, but the sooner you start, the better. We will work with you on tailoring a program of training sessions and consulting specific to your needs. The sessions can be as high-level or as detailed as you would like them to be and can cover topics including but not limited to fundamentals of user-centered design, user testing methodologies, UX best practices, how to structure and build a UX team, and optimizing the use of third party vendors and outsourcing. Start applying UX at your organization today.