Hisham Besheer

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I am a user experience researcher with the ability to translate my findings into informed designs and practical design recommendations. I am not a visual designer or a developer.

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering, with a focus on ergonomics and human factors psychology.

I have industry experience in UX application and management.

The following is a snapshot of my relevant work experience.


UX research is not one size fits all

While it is sometimes appropriate to replicate a test (e.g., when validating data), most UX problems have a unique set of constraints and requirements, and solutions that are better than others. Testing methodology and experimental design should be chosen carefully after gaining a thorough understanding of the specifics of the project.
Remote testing Usability lab testing is usually associated with high costs and sample limitations because of location. Remote testing is a cost-effective alternative that I regularly use to test UIs, run interviews or focus groups, and conduct walkthroughs. GoToMeeting and similar tools allow the use of a much larger sample pool (often global), as long as participants have web access. Additionally, specialized and complex environments such as IT networks are often difficult, if not impossible, to feasibly replicate in a lab. Remote testing not only makes it possible to conduct walkthroughs on these complex systems on participants’ systems, but also eliminates the need for the tremendous resources required to replicate the environments. These walkthroughs are effective in uncovering the .
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